Saturday, December 11, 2010

thin line

well, yeah, another doodle, cant focus in my class again, as always. it was math class, and i was not in the mood for it, was i ever? hahahahahahaha
i dont know, but yeah, it's a cliche, about the equality, man | woman. man=woman (?)
yeah, in the presence of God, all we are together are the same. all woman on earth, kids, man, oh what, everybody, demand for it, equality.
and so do i, but i'm just thinking it's more to the thin invisible line makes us separated, and make it so different, should it be? 
well i tot . no matter what, in a moment my brain make these word --- My priest is a man, and i am a caliphe, according to God's word. --- i am a muslim and it said in Al-Qur'an. well, i'm not that holy religious girl. but still think, why man can and woman cant, vice versa.
oh whatever, i believe everything has been set perfectly by God, and all we need to do just make it, live it, love it, and discover new splendid things everyday. and that's what we call 'learn' not 'study'. well, sounds cool!

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