Thursday, December 2, 2010

my name's deasy, but i wasnt born on december, really.

hey yaaa, it's december already, sound really great. well for some who may think this year, 2010, is the worst or even best year ever in their life, but for me, hahaha okay i'm a flat person, this life's totally splendid but i just cant have handle it well yet. but yes this year nice, balance, smooth rough bright dark, yap, great.

okay well, i'm just thinking about my playlist, oh yeah playlist, i have some, okay many, fave tracks here, but i'm just thinking about this two persons, Kurt Cobain and Carla Bruni. their voice just totally cool, adoreable, and sexy hahaha what else? aaa, just check out their songs and get, mmm how to say... anaethetize? hahahah

okay next, this one of my fave things on november going on december, new boyfieeee hihihi yap, 25th dec would be our first month anniversary, it would be christmas, what a coincidence hahaha
so, he gave me his flash disk and ask me to put some of my fave tracks there. hmm so traveling trough his flash disk and i found a movie, yap, Green Street Hooligans. just check out the trailer, well i'm just thinking that, this movie's pretty good, for me personally, it's also about trust, friendship, bravery, and many other things. not leaving your friends, dont care how bad the thing goes. isnt that simple and nice, but most people get trick of? hmmm

and yap, december's coming, exam invasion! oh no!
but seems like i will watch maliq & d'essential next saturday nite, since they'll also one of my favourite band hmmm relaxation before exam, rest today war tomorrow hahaha
hmm, i'm texting with my boyfie, i think he may slept over alredy, no text reply, so it's time for me to sleep.
good nite people, good nite universe!
i love everybody, sky, world, everything except things i dislike hahahaha i'm never hate, just dislike, emmm
see ya, D.

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