Saturday, November 5, 2011


how to prevent xerostomia?

how to prevent xerostomia:
1. melali nasal breathing as much as possible when sleeping.
2. use products that prevent xerostomia
3. oral hygiene
4. drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

What are drugs that cause xerostomia?

anorexic drugs, anticholinergics / antispasmodis, antideuretika, antihistamines, anti-acne, etc

how xerostomia may be one cause of caries?

Xerostomia may be one factor that causes dental caries because when a person suffering from xerostomia decreased salivary glands, and can not clean up the remnants of food left in the mouth that can cause plaque.

what causes a temporary and permanent xerostomia?

cause xerostomia as: breathing through the mouth, mucosal disease, Psychological.
causes permanent xerostomia: drug-oobatan, dehydration, Sjögren's syndrome, neurological, developmental anomalies.

why age became one of the causes of xerostomia?

because of atrophic changes in the salivary gland in accordance with the aging of the lower production of saliva and its composition changed slightly