Friday, December 31, 2010

last day, war.

hey guys, it's december 31st in the early morning,
oh my, these 12 months just gone so fast, i can hardly imagine, what i've passed, what i've done, what i've thought so far, this year. some look cool lol really and the other just stupid. it's just mini stage, to another stage of life, mega stage hahaha really, and i'm gonna make sure, i deserve to be on that mega stage and not going to be stuck in a tiny mini micro stage. that's nothing more than coward.
well i have no resolution, why? well i have too many hope that havent been fulfilll hahaha so, just make it quite simple, just like lomo, dont think just shoot! you have 24 hours a day, why dont you make it fair, 12hours = well planned and another 12 hours=spontaneous, just like, no script ;p
just be honest, i'm sure, even once, you guys must be ever take part as a director, you do, then make things happen, as your script, and then, i can make sure you're happy, but not get the real happy.
well enuff for my blue streak attittude hehehe
today, report card, for this semester, oh Gooood dont let me down please, i'm beggiiiiing, bismillah *pray
2010 just teach me not to be stupid, your mind your brain your mouth your heart, it's not that easy to synchronize those all, i'm still on the monno stage for this one ..
The Whittest Boys Alive-Fireworks
Happy New Year, everyone! enjoy your holiday :)
live your life

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