Friday, September 24, 2010

it's a long life commitment

hmm, let's see.. how the story begins yah? hahaha rite, few years ago, maybe in the beggining year of my high school time, i just discover a new thing, for me, called straight edge. at first i just don't understand. after asked to few of my guys, i got it.
i found these picture on regani's xbraveheartx friendster, oh yes, friendster. and these picture can told you, it's not just a trend, not a style, or even a camouflage to get into a circle. really. if you do it just to be such those things, you are a stupid moron. 
just click the picture then read ;B

so you have read it already or not? me, i'm a straight edge since i was born hahah really, parent's rules that i have to obey, then it's now my habit, then turn to my life prespective. oh whatever hahaha so i decided to make it in another shapes, for me, it's a little bit intresting hahaha so i made some, BW invasion!

so i've got it printed, both version same size.
it's like i'm going to make another copies with better paper, of course, this prints would fade if you make it wet and it sucks -____- hahaha, and spread this to some people, just to share, not to force people to be straight egde.
i'm agree about straight edge, but it's better not to be sxe if it just a fake or just like those poser, cause sxe is a long life commitment, philosophy, life prespective. it's not only about not to smoke drink or sex, it's also about attitude and personality. we are, creatures of habits.

see ya, D.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

i just discover how BW works

even skateboard faster than angkot, yeah!
Budi Mahoncx, Dies Natalis FH USU.
BW really works for this man. Dimas Aditya.
i just discover how to done some DI, but yes i'm not that creative, so just let's make some simple things, yap BW always be the best choice.
foto pertama, Skate Day 21 june 2010, rido kiteng-arep-bang dicky, di jl jamin ginting menuju pendopo nih, ada angkotnya lagi, si rido megang sendal anak kecil yang nemu dijalan hahahaha rido sama arep, itu temen sekolah -_- 
foto kedua sama ketiga waktu dies natalis FH, kebetulan aku gak terlalu kenal sama mereka hahaha

smile for the camera, sweetheart.

oh ya, i just discover this thing, stupidly, why i just discover it now aaaa
BW with red and cyan woohoo ini fotonya kayanya pas 2008 atau 2009 deh masih suka foto di depan kaca sih soalnya hahahaaha
just check out my DeviantArt and leave some comment, i know it's not look good, i even havent update it for a year hahaha just enjoy.

see you soon, ♥ D

Friday, September 17, 2010

i dont mean to harm

yeah, it will be a long-term hibernation, rest after war? sounds good. i'm not a mean girl, but if want me to, i will. egoist? maybe, ignorance and aphaty just another way to relax. i know it's a wrong way, but i just trying to not to take care about it. all i want for now is just relax, enough for tension.

it's a bad idea, maybe? but sick people need rest. while you take a rest, sleeping and dreaming, just left everything behind. let the world goes round without you. relax, you deserve it.

there's always something wrong and right, and it's such an ordinary thing, simple part of life that make it complex. 
be wise, it's your life.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

it's a song about ocarina

it's start about my dream to play a piano / and the video you show me at was / the flute sounds like an oldschool 8-bit / i fly away to those freak's city with their awful chili sauce in KFC / spend 3 days and i found it on the first day / felt lucky / i cant bought two / so i can give it to you when i'm home / the kind chinese man dont understand english /  he dont need it to get money / girls love discount / i get 25% off for it / so happy / it's green yin-yang hanging on my neck all day, / i believe in fengsui /  such a good things / i play lot of songs from mario bros to mozart / time slips away and now it's gone becase a fight / it's ceramic which can broke / not like a diamond which may last forever / now i'm trying to find another, but not it twins / i have no money to pay for it / it's hard but i can / maybe just like our case / about a sweet beginning and bitter end / it's hard but we can / i miss my ocarina / the old days / gone is gone / finding my best on future.

yah maybe i'll try to make a song sounds freak or funny, if only i have my ocarina back T_T

that's little thing hanging on my neck, i miss you
my little greeny, comeback to mama as soon as possible ya, hugs

Thursday, September 9, 2010

09 on 09

yep here it is, september is coming.
lebaran, masuk sekolah hadeee my life felt flat -___- but this world goes round right? bosen kadang jadi anak sekolah, bulan puasa banyak pr, capek mikirinnya, mikirn aja tapi ngerjainnya enggak hahaha
lebaran euphorianya juga kurang berasa, gatau kenapa. yah live my life as it should be, and i want to be happy. great.

sekarang lagi suka dengerin temper trap yang sweet disposition
"A moment, A love, A dream, A laugh, A kiss, A cry. Our rights, Our wrongs"
gatau kenapa, but i love those words. that's how we fill our lives. there's something wrong and there's something right. the time you felt guilty, and right. it's a long way to go for me hadeh i need activities beside school kayanya, tapi apa ya? have no idea yet

oh iya ini foto temper trap, vokalisnya orang indonesia timur, hahaha looks funny but his voice sounds good <3

oh ya, nice date invasion juga kayanya nih 08/09/10, 09/09, 10/10/10. pretty ye :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

kinda late update :p

hey, folks! how's life? happy september all! hahaha hmm i'm just so excited in the beggining of this month dunno why -___-
past is past, let it go, just do better for tomorrow :D

so here i am, bingung sih awalnya supaya apa juga punya blog bukan cuma sekedar pingin ngeksis juga haha i need a journal, i've done some experiment with many things A to B to C and it just rest in my memories, oh come ooon :O
bisa dibilang gak penting juga apa yang aku kerjain, but yes, i love to do artcraft hehe
jadi di postingan kali ini, aku bakal nunjukin personal box :D yaaa even you guys may think it just so not important at all haha.

nah, here's the story begin, i have a friend named fattahila known as itok called toki. afaik him, he's pretty fun. so i'm going to give him a birthday gift. but the problem is.... hard for me to get out of house T____T naaah bingung juga tuh mau kasih apa, keluar gak bisa, bangun sore terus -_- talking talking talking talking, he like simpson, gotcha! hahaha kebetulan pas SD dulu, temen baik aku pernah ngasih aku cup kecil, i mean really small, asleee kecil kaga bisa dipake minum, gambar bart simpson, bart simpson butt hahaha aku juga lupa ada itu dirumah, aku juga gak terlalu gimana sama simpson sekedar suka aja. so i decided to give it to him, as far as i know he adores simpson.

okedeh, so i get the bart simpson butt, tapi bingung gimana coba ngasihnya? kayanya terlalu biasa huu so i decided to make the box. recycled box loh tapinyaaa ;B so i resize my shoes box, dari kotak sepatu jadi kotak ukuran 9x9x9cm hahaha

kotak polos juga kayanya gak jelas, bener2 kaya kotak sepatu versi kecil, mana ada tulisan art colour sama size lagi hahaha so i decide to print some pict and cover the box

i pick the pict from his blog. these are his band, his recording label and some bands that he tot cool, okedeh nice try juga nih kayanya. i'm feeling creative.

aaaand voila! masih kasar, soalnya gak ada bahan cuma pake kertas sama doubletape aja asli chaos, but i like it :D

kayanya kado gak komplit yah kalo ga pake short message gitu? hahaha so i left it inside the cup
i have no wishes for him, oh really? i'd prefer he pick his own hopes and prayers. but hopes and prayers are not certain without act. effort means prayers + act. so we're people surround him/her, who had birthday. let's give 'em support and good suggestion so they can make it, for their best :D their life on their hand, so does ours :D
but i believe in good thing, still hoping, and all i have to do is take act and live my life! hahaha and so everybody does rightttt

okaaaay now it's finish, bingung ngasih final touch apa. so i decided to give it a black tape, hmm pretty sweet yah? hahaha

so here's my conclusion, kaya kata temen aku, luluk yang juga bakal ulang tahun 25 september ntar, orang ultah mah dikasih apa aja nerima, tapi balik ke pemberinya, ikhlas gak tuh, kalo bisa malah inisiatif sendiri :D no need to be expensive, but more to the personal value. dont care how much does it is cost you,if you really mean it, then it would be very meanful :)

this sept 4 would me my father's birthday, so me and my sister decided to give 'em a birthday cake hahaha we never give him a surprise before hmm...

i like birthday and anniversary, very blasting :D