Sunday, October 24, 2010

my tweets these days

galau kali ye? hahaha gak juga sih, apa yah? it's just a feeling like... empty. okedeh, jadi play with my own mind u u u i hate thiis situation, it's like i'm in the outter space -___-
so online, itunes on, twitter standby. then, what to do? tweeting lyrics azzz hahaha really, i like those lyrics ..
here some

22 Oct
  • "Got to set you free, you were blinded by deceit..." (Sia-Electric Bird)
  • "...Cos there's a thin line between. What's real and what's fantasy" (H2O-A Thin Line)
  • "...we always seem to fall without family to hold." (Have Heart-Brotherly Love)
  • "...I just wanna break you down so badly. In the worst ways." (Taking Back Sunday-Make Damn Sure)
  • "Patience is just another word for getting old. Resolution just as impossible as letting go" (The Whitest Boy Alive-Fireworks)
21 Oct
  • "...You could have everything you wanted. But you would be still be wanting more..." (Newton Faulkner-To The Light)
  • "...your lover, your companion, your champion, your friend forever by your side but not in the end." (Have Heart-The Same Son)
20 Oct
  • "...this moment will define you. live, learn, rise, fall, point, squeeze..." (The Bold and The Beautiful-Bane)
  • "...I think I'll go to Boston, I think that I'm just tired I think I need a new town, to leave this all behind..." (Boston-Augustana)
  • "bergerak terus dan jangan berhenti, yakinlah dengan apa yang kau pilih..." (Bangkit Melawan Atau Tunduk Ditindas-Straight Answer)
  • "...Many people play this game so willingly. Do I have to be like them, or be lonely?" (Love is No Big Truth-King of Convenience)
  • "...I guess it's up to me now. Should I take that risk or just smile?" (Misread-king of Convenience)
  • "...maybe someday, you really get to know me, not just from letters read to you..." (The Saddest Song-The Ataris)
  • "...and i'm in so deep. you know i'm such a fool for you..." (Linger-The Cranberries)
itulah 3 hari yang aneh, galau engga, empty iya. liriknya lagi pas aja, walaupun kayanya ga berguna buat yang baca hahaha
and facebook getting sucker day by day. iseng ganti nama malah gabisa balik lagi, gabisa 3 kata, dammit. tunggu pembalasanku facebook, pake potong kambing kali nih nama sial. damndamndamn.

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