Friday, October 22, 2010

flat nose: cool

here's the story begin, it's RayBan Wayfarer everywhere, this RayBan strom has been lasted from few years ago until now, i guess, hmm. so what the matter the problem is? the problem is.... why do you guys keep complaining? complain if sunglasses (read: RayBan) won't fit and looks good on someone with flat nose? 
once i've tried to use my friend's wayfarer when we were going to had our lunch, and guess what? the whole car laughing, happily, seeing my weird face, with an empty space in the nose part -_____-" damn
haaaaa, why you guys think cryptically -____- it's not just because we (read: people with flat nose) do not have such a sharp nose then we can not put on sunglasses on to our noses, hello?
that's my father sunglasses, RayBan, maybe he bought it around 1980's, and it looks good, well at least i think so, what do you think? and yes, it sit well on my nose. yeah i love this one :D
the more you less, the more you much. mind that guys.

flat nose: cool

oh ya anyway, this the place where i sleep everyday, my sister's bed room, pretty girly, but i mess it up, as you can see, everyday.. hahahaha that's why she always humming like a bird everytime she come home, uh. i havent get my own bed room, "hello dad, are you there? i almost 17 and i'm going to collage next year, why dont you gimme a little bit space in this house, please?"

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