Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i can't focus on school

i know i can't draw, and i can't focus when i had my class, but it just a doodle, my hands just too small for 120 pounds girl -____-

greetings from the last science class, XII IPA 8. my name is deasy or call me dizzy. please fasten your seat belt

it was 10 minutes before school's break time, hmm wondering if can get some donuts, not coffee. i do not drink coffee

i'm just thinking about two movies, "mary & max" and "(500) days of summer", that NY night scene in mary & max, and that couple, just like tom and summer in tom fave spot. 

teenlife, gossip? hahaha fuck off. i dont wanna fight. that just stupid thing with  unreasonable thought, come on, we're teen and just fight for something that musn't be fight for? that's stupid! i don't give you a fuck., so what the matter the problem is?

doodles, too many, i do more doodle than notes of what my teachers explain.
i'm not good at school, really.
but i proud to be my self.
sometimes i'm just unpredictable. i mean, maybe, weird.

see yaa, D ;B

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