Sunday, September 12, 2010

it's a song about ocarina

it's start about my dream to play a piano / and the video you show me at was / the flute sounds like an oldschool 8-bit / i fly away to those freak's city with their awful chili sauce in KFC / spend 3 days and i found it on the first day / felt lucky / i cant bought two / so i can give it to you when i'm home / the kind chinese man dont understand english /  he dont need it to get money / girls love discount / i get 25% off for it / so happy / it's green yin-yang hanging on my neck all day, / i believe in fengsui /  such a good things / i play lot of songs from mario bros to mozart / time slips away and now it's gone becase a fight / it's ceramic which can broke / not like a diamond which may last forever / now i'm trying to find another, but not it twins / i have no money to pay for it / it's hard but i can / maybe just like our case / about a sweet beginning and bitter end / it's hard but we can / i miss my ocarina / the old days / gone is gone / finding my best on future.

yah maybe i'll try to make a song sounds freak or funny, if only i have my ocarina back T_T

that's little thing hanging on my neck, i miss you
my little greeny, comeback to mama as soon as possible ya, hugs

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