Friday, September 24, 2010

it's a long life commitment

hmm, let's see.. how the story begins yah? hahaha rite, few years ago, maybe in the beggining year of my high school time, i just discover a new thing, for me, called straight edge. at first i just don't understand. after asked to few of my guys, i got it.
i found these picture on regani's xbraveheartx friendster, oh yes, friendster. and these picture can told you, it's not just a trend, not a style, or even a camouflage to get into a circle. really. if you do it just to be such those things, you are a stupid moron. 
just click the picture then read ;B

so you have read it already or not? me, i'm a straight edge since i was born hahah really, parent's rules that i have to obey, then it's now my habit, then turn to my life prespective. oh whatever hahaha so i decided to make it in another shapes, for me, it's a little bit intresting hahaha so i made some, BW invasion!

so i've got it printed, both version same size.
it's like i'm going to make another copies with better paper, of course, this prints would fade if you make it wet and it sucks -____- hahaha, and spread this to some people, just to share, not to force people to be straight egde.
i'm agree about straight edge, but it's better not to be sxe if it just a fake or just like those poser, cause sxe is a long life commitment, philosophy, life prespective. it's not only about not to smoke drink or sex, it's also about attitude and personality. we are, creatures of habits.

see ya, D.

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