Sunday, November 14, 2010

Menembus Batas

how's life, kids? it's already 3 a.m. when i typed this post.

baru balik dari acara Menembus Batas which was presented by Medan Crew (Never Give Up Crew, MADAFAKA Records, IZI Family)
overall the gigs was......superb (for me personally)! even there was a little black spot there, someone injured in the mosh pit at was, but i think he's already fine now. dan dengan cuaca hujan dan disusul gerimis-gerimis manja hahaha alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar.
the rundown went smoothly even with kinda little lateness. but in the end of the show, around 10 pm, Final Attack came up with 10 song (well, i tot) and so Straight Answer did on 10.30 pm. Each, 30 minutes on stage with fuckin great performance, warmed up, oh no sorry, boiled up the room with their songs. sing along, mic grabbing, moshing, stage diving, etcetera, it was really fun.
my favorite part was when Straight Answer came up with Oasis-Don't Look Back in Anger waaa, i like it so much much much.
and these guys sooo pretty welcome, thanks for the night guys, hope we can do, maybe greater things than these hahaha see you next time, au revoir!

i'll upload some of the photos soon, stay tune kids!
see ya, D.

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