Thursday, November 25, 2010

deasy :) is typing a message...

oh yes, that my display name on ym. i'm online almost 12 hours/day. well, pretty long for a girl with sicked eyes like me.
havent update yet since menembus batas, still got nothing to do, experimentally, just not yet.
i'm wondering to make a video for my music study assignment, just short video about genre, the scene, the movement, people, etcetera, etcetera.
and after menembus batas i'm just feeling to make such a photo journal, yeah stage photos. emm, maybe a blog, place where people can see it freely, since my fb's private and this blog also talk about personal things, there should be a corner where all you see just whatever you want with no interfrene by any other things. well i type cryptically hahaha

so the end of november is coming, here goes the december!!!
i'm going to have school exam in the beginning of dec *sleepy
okay, i'm lazy, not active in my class, avarge in score.
but hell yeah, i've decided to take medical faculty next year, not that one, it's dentistry.
so someday, you'll see, Drg. Deasy Faradita Putri. hahaha amin
yeah, this blog just another home for me...

deasy :) is typing a message...

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